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Looking for your next employment opportunity?

Suzanne Cory High School is one of four Selective Entry High Schools in Melbourne, and the only one located in the Western Suburbs in Melbourne.

There is ample parking on site, and we are also to close proximity to public transport too.

Our team of dedicated staff work together to ensure we can give students in our community the best well rounded high school experience.

You’ll be working with our talented staff to continue to grow and develop in your own career too.

Current Positions

  • Assistant Principal:  Students & Community  – Job Id 1283050
  • Assistant Principal: Teaching, Learning and School Operations  – Job Id 1283051
  • Director of Proactive Wellbeing: Middle – Job Id 1283919
  • Director of Proactive Wellbeing: Senior – Job Id 1283850
  • Director of Engagement: The Arts – Job Id 1283932
  • Director of Engagement: Student Voice & Agency – Job Id 1283933
  • Director of Curriculum & Assessment – Job Id 1283935
  • Director of International Baccalaureate – Job Id 1283936
  • Director of Pedagogy – Job Id 1283937
  • Learning Specialist: Positive Learning – Job Id 1283975
  • Learning Specialist: Challenging & Accessible Learning – Job Id 1283982
  • Learning Specialist: Deep & Student Centered Learning – Job Id 1283983

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For further information about Suzanne Cory High School’s Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan and Annual report, please click here.