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Year 9

Preparing the leaders of tomorrow through challenge, diversity, and investigation.

The Year 9 curriculum forms the foundation of learning at Suzanne Cory High School, combining essential study skills with transitional programs designed to adjust students to the school’s challenging and stimulating learning approach. Students also develop vital social and interpersonal skills through involvement with school camps, House activities, and the robust co-curricular program.

Applications for Year 9 enrolment in 2025 have now closed.  Applications for 2026 will open early in 2025. Please visit our enrolments page for further details.

Year 9 students undertake a curriculum focusing on:

  • Humanities: English, History, Geography, LOTE (French and Chinese).
  • Core STEM Studies: Mathematics, Science.
  • Creative Expression: Art, Music, Drama.
  • Physical Engagement: Sport, Health and Physical Education.

Students also develop their interpersonal and social skills through their involvement with the Suzanne Cory House system. Houses form a continuity of engagement throughout a student’s time at Suzanne Cory High School, allowing them to contribute to school events such as House Chorals, art competitions, leadership programs, and Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

Students may also accumulate House points during each school year, awarded for exemplary civic behaviour and leadership, as well as academic achievement.

Year 9 students receive one-on-one attention during Home Group, held each morning before the commencement of classes. Home Groups are arranged by House, and allow students to form lasting friendships with their peers.

The Suzanne Cory teaching day comprises seven (7) teaching periods and two (2) break periods.

Period 1 | 8:50am – 9:32am
Period 2 | 9:32am – 10:14am
Home Group | 10:14am – 10:32am
Recess | 10:32am – 10:54am
Period 3 | 10:54am – 11:36am
Period 4 | 11:36am – 12:18pm
Period 5 | 12:18pm – 1:00pm
Lunch | 1:00pm – 1:45pm
Period 6 | 1:45pm – 2:27pm
Period 7 | 2:27pm – 3:09pm

In addition to their core studies, students are also engaged in the Co-Curricular Program. Activities offered as part of Co-Curricular allow students to develop areas of interest alongside their academic studies, contributing to the philosophical concept of “the Renaissance person”, and a well-rounded educational experience.

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