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Policy Information

Strategic Reports & General Policies

Suzanne Cory High School maintains annual reports and policies of its initiatives and activities that our students, parents, and community are welcome to read.

Annual Report

Suzanne Cory High School’s 2021 Annual Report can be found on the link below:


Suzanne Cory High School’s Curriculum Framework Policy can be found on the link below:

Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy

The Suzanne Cory HS Student Engagement Policy was endorsed by School Council in March 2014 and has been developed in close consultation with the school community including teachers, students and parents. It outlines the key structures and programs designed to support the engagement and wellbeing of all students as they progress through the 4 senior years of high schooling. It recognises the nature and needs of students who attend a selective entry school and the support strategies and programs designed to maximise engagement.

eSafety Information

Online safety is a priority at Suzanne Cory High School, and forms part of our wider student Wellbeing and Child Safe Policy. Please take some time to refer to the information resources provided by the Education Department’s Office of eSafety.

Parents are also encouraged to contact us if they have any questions about the school’s eSafety or Wellbeing policies.

Child Safe Policy

Suzanne Cory High School is committed to developing and enforcing an effective and comprehensive Child Safe Policy, in accordance with Education Department regulations and guidelines. To learn more about our policies, please click on the links below.

Uniform Policy

To learn more about the school’s uniform policy, and the expected standards of student attire, please click here.

To access the Sustainable School Shop and browse second-hand uniforms, text books, calculators, and equipment, please click here.