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Music Program

Music Program

The Suzanne Cory High School Music Program offers a wide variety of musical experiences and includes a number of vibrant performance groups.

The Instrumental Music Program

Due to high demand for music lessons at the school, students will only be permitted to enrol in one instrumental lesson, so we are able to offer as many students a place in the program as possible. Under special circumstances, students studying VCE music may be offered a second instrument, for example, if they plan to be assessed as a singer/guitarist.

*Note: Instrumental Music Program is optional

The program consists of:

A weekly lesson- a small group or individual lesson that is held during class time.
Ensemble group- ensemble rehearsal. Generally, before or after school.
Attendance at school performances and events.
Note: the expectation is that VCE music performance students will be enrolling in individual (private) lessons.


Fees and Charges

The instrumental music program is a user pay basis co-curricular program at Suzanne Cory High School.

The Music Program fees for 2024 are:

Instrumental Music (Private Lessons): $1,155 per year
Instrumental Music (Group Lessons): $865 per year

The annual program Fees will cover a minimum of 32 lessons per annum. Missed lessons due to teacher absence will be made up. Missed lessons due to student absence will not, unless the teacher is contacted in advance to reschedule.

Payment of tuition fees are payable in full at the start of the school year or in a payment plan of 4 instalments due at the start of terms 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Failure to make payment on time will result in students being withdrawn from the program.

Withdrawal from the program

To ensure we can retain the services of our music staff, planning for the program commences in term 4 and is based on confirmed and projected enrolments for the following year.

The following requirements apply if a parent is considering withdrawing their child from the program during the school year:

1 full term notice must be provided to withdraw from the music program.

Notice to Withdraw Received in Term 1  | Payment required for Term 1

Notice to Withdraw Received in Term 2 | Payment required for Term 1 & 2

Notice to Withdraw Received in Term 3 | Payment required for Term 1, 2 & 3

The withdrawal request must be made in writing to the Instrumental Music Program Coordinator.


We look forward to your participation in the school instrumental music program.

Questions regarding the program, its content and teaching, should be made to the Instrumental Music Program Coordinator, Tegan Dimble at

Questions regarding enrolment information, please contact Darcy Mulcahy at