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Assessment Information

VCE Unit 3 & Unit 4 Assessment

Students at Suzanne Cory High School are assessed according to the model and methods outlined by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. To learn more about VCE Unit 3 and Unit 4 assessment processes, as well as outcomes, please click here.

Suzanne Cory Teaching and Learning Model

All staff appointed to Suzanne Cory High School display exemplary professionalism and support the development of the school ethos and culture. As such, Suzanne Cory High School has developed a Teaching and Learning Model to guide all staff as we strive toward successful educational outcomes.

School Wide Positive Behaviour

Suzanne Cory High School has adopted the Positive Behaviour Support for Engagement and Learning Framework as the cornerstone for its student wellbeing approach. The Framework is research-based and has as its foremost principle a positive approach to student management.

The strong connection between a student’s wellbeing and their learning was also very important in the selection of SW-PBSEL as our framework for student wellbeing.

The implementation of SW-PBSEL at Suzanne Cory High School is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To establish an approach to student wellbeing that is positive in its approach and that is based on agreed and clear expectations for student behaviour
  • To create and maintain a culture that is based on positive regard and student engagement in their learning
  • To establish a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm
  • To establish an instructional approach to behaviour

Through 2011 the students and staff developed the teaching matrix using the school core values of Respect, Aspiration and Contribution as the underlying principles. The teaching matrix outlines the school’s expected behaviours in four contexts: in the classroom, in the school grounds, in the community and in the virtual community. All students and staff use the matrix as our reference point in discussing behavioural expectations.

Rewards Systems at Suzanne Cory High School

The “Values Card” system has been introduced to reward positive behaviour at any time, before school, in class, during recess/lunch, after school or on excursions.

The cards are to be given to students who demonstrate the core values through their actions. This supports the House system goes beyond sport and extra-curricular areas although values can be awarded here as well.

All staff are given “Positive Behaviour Cards” to distribute at their discretion. On the card are listed the school core values which can be circled, with space provided to describe the reason for the reward.

Students then have the responsibility to place them into the House coloured box located outside the staff room where points will be added to the House total. This rewards positive behaviours and provides all students with the opportunity to contribute to the House competition.