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Academic Results

Suzanne Cory High School’s values of Respect, Aspiration and Contribution provide the foundation of our school’s environment.

While Suzanne Cory High School is, by virtue of its select entry nature, an academic school, we believe that exceptional ability across a range of subjects and interests must be celebrated as part of a well-rounded education.

As society increasingly prioritises excellence beyond traditional fields of learning, the importance of “a Renaissance person” – a student of the world, and of wide and varied disciplines – becomes a necessary component of education that we are proud to provide to all of our students.

Respect of learning, individuals, diversity and community is integral in ensuring the education a student receives at Suzanne Cory is a complete and well-rounded education.

Aspiration is encouraged to enable students to achieve their best, and we aspire to be an exemplar of selective education in Victoria.

A high-quality education demands students make a valued contribution to the local and wider community; to put into practice the skills developed and refined in the classroom for the benefit of all.

To paraphrase, from those to whom much has been given, much is expected; this is the philosophy for our students, and vital in ensuring they become not just exemplary Australian citizens, but positive contributors on a wide global scale.

Suzanne Cory High School is a community of like minds; a learning environment that fosters excellence through achieving excellent results. However, the education we provide is not purely academic. Through our commitment to a diverse Co-Curricular program – including opportunities to engage in the visual and performing arts, compete in sports teams, and challenge their world views – students have the opportunity to engage their passions and pursuit alternate means of achieving success, both in and out of the classroom..

The opportunity for challenge and extension is further enhanced by a House system, which fosters both teamwork and healthy competition in a wide range of activities, such as swimming, athletics, chorals and public speaking.

Based on the concept of “the Renaissance person”, Suzanne Cory High School provides a broad and exceptional education for all of our students, and ensures that all emerge as not only potential leaders of their communities, but of the world.

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